Your Life Is About To Get A Whole Lot Easier! This Vacuum Attachment Is Taking The Internet By Storm!

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“text-align: center;”>What’s the Secret to the Flexi-Vac ?
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The Flexi-Vac uses the suction power of your vacuum to get the job done faster, but its design also ensures that you get the dusting and cleaning of your home done quicker too. The Dust Cleaning Sweeper is a simple attachment that works with the vacuum you already own. Designed to work with any variety vacuum cleaner, from upright to canister, as long as you have an attachment hose you can use the Flexi-Vac.


Meet Flexi-Vac

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“text-align: justify;”>Don’t let the name of the Flexi-Vac fool you. This innovative new product is better and more effective than any sweeper you’ve ever owned in the past. This is no ordinary dust sweeper, but rather an attachment that works with any vacuum the average household owns. The Flexi-Vac tool does the work of a duster with greater efficiency and speed. You’ll get more dust out of your home compared to old-school dusters and you’ll do it faster with the help of suction from your vacuum cleaner.
“text-align: justify;”>Each Flexi-Vac is designed with a total of 36 flexible, micro-suction tubes. The tubes work in a variety of ways to get your home free of dust and allergens in half the time.
The tubes can remain clustered together for enhanced suction power and concentrated clean up.
Conversely, the tubes can separate from one another while you’re vacuum dusting to get into all the tiny nooks and crannies of drawers, cabinets, and bookshelves to clean dust from the smallest places.
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Why the Flexi-Vac is Better

“text-align: justify;”>You’ll always have the right suction and spread you need with the Flexi-Vac to eliminate dust, dust mites, pollen, and other allergens from your home. Flexi-Vac has an easy tube adjuster that allows you to concentrate the suction by sliding the adjuster away from your hand to keep all the tubes together, for greater power and faster cleaning of big messes. You can also slide the tube adjuster toward your hand and allow the 36 flexible micro tubes to spread out and collect dust from anywhere. The tubes spread out like 36 little fingers to grab dust from in between keys on your keyboard, around utensils in kitchen drawers, in the pockets of a toolbox, and inside jewellery kits.