The Wall Street Journal named the O2 Hurricane one of their Top 5 Most Effective Car Cleaning Tools!

Tens of Thousands Sold!

The O2 Hurricane is a “cleaning machine”

Maybe you hate dusting because it is a tedious and annoying chore. Maybe you don’t like having to pay for a housekeeper but don’t have the time to do it yourself. Or maybe you just don’t clean enough and wish your home was a dust-free oasis where you could escape from everyday life.

Whatever your reason is this product can help! There has been a ton of buzz online about an amazing new cleaning product called the O2 Hurricane. So much buzz that many are referring to it as the “the most revolutionary cleaning device since the vacuum”.

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Why Everyone Loves The O2 Hurricane

The O2 Hurricane blows air at over 220 miles per hour which means there is no product more versatile and powerful than the O2 Hurricane home duster. It is perfect for cleaning computers, electronic gadgets, cameras, blinds, lamp shades, shelves, and even your car. The O2 Hurricane is easy to use, safe, environmentally friendly, and permanent solution to eliminating dust from your life.

Blasts air at 220 mph
Comes with 5 cleaning attachments

The O2 Hurricane is so simple to use!

Each time you pull the trigger you get a blast of air that blows at over 220 miles per hour! It even comes with 5 different attachments which let you get into even the most stubborn and hard to reach places in and out of your home!

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