The partners, who are responsible for the all new Turmeric Diet took shark tank by storm. In the most watched episode in the history of Shark Tank, That’s It! Dr. Ron Change and Partner Financial Analyst Michael Schrader used their created the product based on the scientifict studies about the diet “We knew putting the body in a state of ketosis worked. We wanted to find a way to put the body in that state, without the stringent diet.”

The product was bought by the sharks and in limited release testing, the results have been unbelievable. The new Turmeric Diet diet is posed to revolutionize the diet industry.” shark Lori Greiner.

What happened?

Never before has an episode of Shark Tank fallen into a bidding war – with all the sharks trying to get their hands on the product. But that’s exactly what happened when Turmeric Diet Founders Dr. Ron Chang and Michael Shrader went on Shark Tank. In the end, the shark’s bought a staggering 25% of the partners couple, with the shark’s personally vowing to mentor he pair and help the undergo an new marketing campaign tailor made to reach all women with their revolutionary product.

“We didn’t really expect the response we got. We were hoping for some funding, maybe a little exposure, but the shark’s all saw right away what we had.” Michael Shrader said after the airing.

Since the show aired, the pair have been hard at work taking the shark’s advice and working on new branding, new campaigns, and selling out of their first limited run of the product.

Turmeric Diet have been clinically proven to:

Increase the speed of metabolism by 70%.

Stops the production of glucose and fat producing cells by 150%.

Helps the body burn fat as energy instead of storing it.

Reduces levels of Cortisol (the stress hormone) to improve mental health.

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